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Monthly lectures from previous years

6 Feb 1996
Dr. Mark Newbrook (Linguistics, Monash University)
"Whorf and Deconstruction: Language, Science and Logic"
February 1996 lecture transcript (Adobe Acrobat format, 42 kB)
5 Mar Prof. Tony Coady (Philosophy, University of Melbourne)
"The Enigmas of Nationalism"
2 Apr Prof. Padmasiri de Silva (Philosophy, Monash University)
"Sadder but Wiser: Existentialist Perspectives in Buddhism and Kierkegaard"
7 May Assoc. Prof. Philip Ayres (English, Monash University)
"The Existentialist in History"
4 Jun Kate Hughes (Cultural Studies, Victoria University)
"The Generation Gap: Why Don't Young Women Call Themselves Feminists?"
2 Jul Dr. Muhammad Kamal (Islamic Studies, University of Melbourne)
"The Master-Slave Relationship in Hegel's Dialectic Philosophy"
6 Aug Assoc. Prof. Brian Scarlett (Philosophy, University of Melbourne)
"The End of Alienation"
3 Sep Dr. Millicent Vladiv-Glover (Slavic Literature, Monash University)
"Dostoyevsky, read through Freud and Lacan: ('The Brothers Karamazov')"
1 Oct Colin Goodwin (Victorian College of the Arts)
"The Beginnings of the Universe: Hawking versus Aquinas"
5 Nov Melbourne Cup Day Lecture
Dr. Robert Miller (Communication Studies, RMIT University)
"Introduction to Baudrillard: Postmodern Blues or State of Grace?"
3 Dec Dr. Mat Gelman (Psychiatric Registrar, Monash Medical Centre)
"Viktor Frankl's Contribution to Existentialist Psychotherapy"
4 Feb Howard Dossor (Author of 'Colin Wilson: The man and his mind')
"Smart Love and Existential Integrity"
4 Mar Prof. Colin Duckworth (French Studies, University of Melbourne)
"Illusion and Reality in Beckett's Theatre"
1 Apr Dr. Purushottama Bilimoria (Social Inquiry, Deakin University)
"The Role of the Fool in Philosophy"
6 May Douglas Kirsner (Social Inquiry, Deakin University)
"Human all too Human: R.D. Laing's Life and Work"
3 Jun Prof. Allan Patience (Political Science, Victoria University)
"Charles Birch and the Secularism in Australia's Hard Culture"
1 Jul Dr. Robert de Caen (Australian College of Education)
"Getting Rid of Dimensions"
5 Aug Prof. Seumas Miller (Social Science, Charles Sturt University)
"Professional Autonomy in Universities, Corporations and Other Modern Institutions"
2 Sep Vera Butler (Political Science, University of Melbourne)
"Heidegger's Concept of Fear in International Politics Theory"
7 Oct Prof. Alastair Davidson (Politics, Monash University)
"Globalism and Citizenship Re-assessed"
4 Nov Melbourne Cup Day Lecture
Dr. Mark Newbrook (Linguistics, Monash University)
"Language and Reality: The Status of Linguistic Description"
November 1997 lecture transcript (Adobe Acrobat format, 56 kB)
2 Dec Michael Hudson (Classical Studies, University of Melbourne)
"Schopenhauer and Gnosticism"
3 Feb Dr. Robert Miller (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)
"Postmodernist Ethics"
3 Mar Graham Jones (Communication Studies, Victoria University)
"The Truth is Out There? The X-Files and the Postmodern Detective"
7 Apr Marie Cook (Dramatist)
"A Lie in Existentialist Theatre"
5 May Prof. Richard Freadman (English, La Trobe University)
"Existentialism and Autobiography: The Case of Simone de Beauvoir"
2 Jun Dr. Muhammad Kamal (Language Studies, University of Melbourne)
"Heidegger and the Enigma of Defining Human Essence"
7 Jul Dr. Neil Levy (Philosophy, Monash University)
"Thinking the Other: Some Continental and Anglo-American Approaches to Difference"
4 Aug Howard Dossor (Author of 'Colin Wilson: The man and his mind')
"Culture and Consciousness"
1 Sep Prof. Gabriel Donleavy (Victoria University of Technology)
"Existentialism and Authenticity in Management"
6 Oct Joe Rubinstein (Australian Skeptics and Existentialist Society)
"Existentialism and the Nature versus Nurture Debate: David Williamson's 'Heretic' Reassessed"
3 Nov Melbourne Cup Day Lecture
Patrick Hutchings (Philosophy, University of Melbourne)
"Shaffer's 'Equus' and the Concept of Worship"
1 Dec Melissa McMahon (Philosophy, University of Sydney)
"The Beautiful and the Sublime: From the Modern to the Postmodern

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