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For those who question whether life has a meaning and a purpose. For those who despairingly ponder whether one can live without self-deception or without hedonistic escapism; yet who, despite the anguish of life's futility and meaninglessness, still seek purpose and an authentic existence.

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Enquiries: David Miller, Secretary.

Telephone: (03) 9467 2063.
Mail: PO Box 1111, Bundoora, VIC, 3083, Australia.
Email: existmelb@yahoo.com.au

Lectures: First Tuesday of the month at 8 pm.
Unitarian Church Hall, 110 Grey Street, East Melbourne.
Melways Map 2G, D2. View location in Google maps

Admission free, no prior booking necessary, all welcome.
A question-to-the-speaker period follows the lecture.

Previous lectures and transcripts:
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7 Oct Dr. Mammad Aidani (Historical and Philosophical Studies, University of Melbourne)
"What has happened to the Authentic Being in Philosophy?"
4 Nov Melbourne Cup Day Lecture
Dr. Petra Brown (Paideia Australia)
"Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Carl Schmitt and the 'State of Exception'"
2 Dec Adjunct Prof. Inna Semetsky (Cultural Studies, Waikato University, NZ)
"The Edusemiotics of Images: The Art~Science of Tarot"
3 Feb Dr. Colin Goodwin (Independent Scholar)
"Existentialism and Psychical Phenomena"
3 Mar Dr. David Rathbone (Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy)
"Why there are no Nietzscheans"
7 Apr Phillip Ferguson (Philosophy, La Trobe University)
"Jean-Paul Sartre"
5 May Sherah Bloor (Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy)
"Simone de Beauvoir and the Eternal Feminine"
2 Jun Nigel Sinnot (Former editor, 'The Freethinker' UK)
"Dealing with Major Depression: Managing Malignant Sadness"
7 Jul Sam Brown (MA, Monash University)
"Can Moral Nihilism make life more wonderful?"
4 Aug Assoc.h Prof. Purushottama Bilimoria (Philosophy, Deakin/Melbourne & University of California)
"Tribute to Hazel Rowley: Eleanor Roosevelt and Pauli Murray on America's Civil Wrongs and Gandhi"
1 Sep Howard Dossor (Author, 'Colin Wilson: The man and his mind')
"Albert Camus and Nikos Kazantzakis"
6 Oct Catherine McDonald (Melbourne philosopher)
"Just War Theory and Self Defence: Israel as a Case Study"
3 Nov Melbourne Cup Day Lecture
Professor Graham Oppy (Philosophy, Monash University)
"Topic to be announced"
1 Dec Dr. Grace Tarpey (Lacan Circle of Melbourne. World Association for Psychoanalysis)
"The Other of the Self: For the Love of Wisdom"
2 Feb Dr. Vaughan Rapatahana (Writer, poet, critic)
"Clive Pearson: Australasia's Own Existentrialist"

EXISTENTIALISM is an 'umbrella' term covering diverse and often conflicting schools of thought. Consequently we are not agreed on who or what is an Existentialist; we simply agree to disagree.

Following the lecture, during the question and discussion period, additional comments are encouraged from those of our audience who may have more knowledge than the speaker on particular aspects of the topic, as well as from those who have an alternative viewpoint.

Sometimes our lecture topics have no direct bearing upon Existentialism. The speakers on such topics may or may not be conversant with Existentialism.

There is no official membership, so we have no membership fee. However, we pass the 'begging-bowls' around in an attempt to cover expenses. If one can afford it, $2 is adequate. Attendances vary from a low of 20 in the winter months to a high of 70-80, depending on speaker and topic.

If you would like more information, please telephone our Secretary, David Miller, on (03) 9467 2063.

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